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  Survivor Thanks for playing Lance's Survivor Pick'Em this season! Congratulations winners! Hope to see you next season for Survivor 33 on Lance's Survivor Pick'Em!

Money awarded to date in OutPick'Em games: $4,262,000!
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Public Tribe List)  
Tribe Name # active members Points
Fans of Alecia 0 0
Fans of Anna 0 0
Fans of Aubry 0 0
Fans of Caleb 0 0
Fans of Cydney 0 0
Fans of Darnell 0 0
Fans of Debbie 0 0
Fans of Elisabeth 0 0
Fans of Jeff Probst 7 1939
Fans of Jennifer 0 0
Fans of Joseph 0 0
Fans of Julia 0 0
Fans of Kyle 0 0
Fans of Mark Burnett 0 0
Fans of Michele 0 0
Fans of Neal 0 0
Fans of Nick 0 0
Fans of Peter 0 0
Fans of Scot 1 0
Fans of Tai 0 0

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